Anita Joseph trolls pregnant Uche Ogbodo

Anita Joseph

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has described her friend and colleague Anita Joseph as a troll.

The pregnant Uche said this in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“When you have a real live troll as a best friend. Anita Joseph leeee meeeee & my bunny this morning. Some mornings are like that,” she captioned the post which comes with a video of the two women speaking.

Anita recently called out fellow actress Moyo Lawal for not attending Uche’s baby shower.

It started after Moyo expressed surprise that the event had been held.  

Responding, Anita berated her for not showing up for even though she was invited for it.

Moyo replied that she sent gifts to the celebrant following her absence.

“I might miss a lot of parties but I always do things I need to do for the celebrants. I make sure I send money and gifts even if I don’t show so far we sort of close. Don’t worry I will soon start showing up at every party,” she wrote.

Her explanation was, however, not good enough for Anita, who responded: “I don’t want to see you do awwww awwww to any of those pictures or videos. You send money and gifts. Sometimes it is not all about money. Your presence is all that matters. Before I added you to the group, you promised you were going to come.”