American rapper, XXXTentacion, shot dead in Florida


American rapper, XXXTentacion, was on Monday shot by a gunman in South Florida, with an eyewitness telling TMZ that he was found with ‘no pulse.’

It was reported that XXXTentacion,20, had been shopping for motorcycles and was leaving the motorcycle dealer when he was suddenly attacked by an unidentified gunman.

Eyewitnesses have shared on social media videos and photos of the 20-year-old rapper lifeless in his car, with a gunshot wound.

Reports later confirmed that the rapper is dead.

XXXTentacion was involved in legal issues, and he was awaiting trial for domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend.

XXTentacion lived a life of hyperfast, nihilistic violence where nothing could ever be put on pause.

In the past year, he had a number one Billboard album, was banned from Spotify, dropped by his record label and charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant victim and witness tampering.

His ex-girlfriend detailed the most horrendous abuse in court documents and press interviews. He will be remembered mostly for the unusually cruel violence he exerted on vulnerable people, particularly his ex-girlfriend, crimes for which he never expressed remorse.