Alibaba turns on drivers for Spontaneity

Alibaba Ali Baba

Following his successful January 1 concert, veteran comedian, Alibaba, is set to thrill audience in March at his annual comedy show, Spontaneity.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the comedy king revealed that all editions of the Spontaneity 2016 will feature a two hours performance by him before contestants take the stage.

He also added that the comedy will be focused on drivers and all their antics.

Alibaba launched Spontaneity in 2015 as a platform to help truly creative comedians ride the waves of their careers to fame and fortune.

Contestants on the show are expected to generate fresh, original and new jokes live on stage.

All editions of Spontaneity2016 will feature a 2 hour #specialperformance by me before the Spontaneity contestants take the stage. Just so that our guest have a taste of good comedy. The special performance will have a chosen topic for each edition. This first edition in March will be on #DRIVERS. I will do a 2 hour performance on drivers across board. How they behave. What they do that annoy their employers. How they cut corners. The lies they tell to get employed. The bad drivers. The drivers who become family. The ones who buy 8k fuel and bring receipt of 15k. The ones who are drinking paddies with their Oga. The ones who arranges runs for their bosses. The ingrates. The loud ones. The ones who do deals with Mechanics. The rude ones. The ones who date their madams. The ones who claim to know road but drive you off course. The ones who help kidnappers. The ones who arrange with robbers. The ones who speed when you are not inside the car and drive at crawl speed when you are inside. The ones who use 2015 Range Rover to do kabukabu. The ones with 10kva body odour. The busy body ones… The ones you can’t sack. The ones who know where Oga goes but will never say. The ones that tell madam who Oga is with. The ones who build houses before their employers do. Those with bad hygiene. Some that never return change. Others who believe any change in the car is theirs. The ones that make their Harvard schooled spree spree madam speak pidgin English by force… The ones you can not do with out…. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the #specialperformance on #Drivers at the next #spontaneity coming in March.

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