Alesh Sanni laments high cost of rent in Nigeria

Nollywood actor Alesh Sanni has lamented the high cost of rent in Nigeria.

In an Instagram video on Monday, the actor said that people are suffering and can no longer afford the high cost of living in Nigeria.

According to Alesh, he does not live in Nigeria but has a house he leased and stays whenever he is in Nigeria, but he wants to leave the house for some reason.

“Things are actually happening in Nigeria and nobody is saying anything. People are actually homeless, me too I’m homeless, my lease has expired, my lease is N1.5 million at Ajah, I go there anytime I’m in Nigeria. I stayed roughly two months so now I don’t like that place anymore I want to move out, checking houses online, talking to agents they are telling me four million, five million, six million.

“Face me I slap you that was N2,000 is now 10,000 people are suffering, he said.

The actor recently lamented the hike in school fees and academic materials.

“God pls bless all responsible parents, the rate school fees and materials take expensive eh. Imagine buying notebook for Jss 1 worth more than 40k. Please what’s going on?

Abeg how poor people wan get good education? This is sad, he wrote.