Aisha Yesufu under fire for saying PDP and APC are same

Aisha Yesufu

Co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls movement Aisha Yesufu has come under criticism on social media following her dismissal of the country’s two major political parties – the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

For weeks now, Mrs Yesufu has been promoting the hashtags #PDPIsTheSameAsAPC and #LikeGejitesLikeBuharists.

Some Nigerians criticised her on Twitter for putting both parties at the same level.

@firstladyship tweeted, “Aisha Yesufu had to tweet PDP is APC behind a VPN. DJ Switch is on exile for the Lekki Massacre exposé. You have #EndSARS, NCC & NBC dictatorships, Onnoghen’s removal, invasion of judges homes, CBN war on Fintechs & Tech Bros. Shiites Massacre. Criticism comes with responsibility.”

@seunonigbinde tweeted, “Aisha Yesufu thinks APC and PDP are the same. That’s her opinion. She’s entitled to it. Folks like @DemolaRewaju have clearly explained the difference. It’s left to everyone to make up their minds. This attack and name-calling is uncharitable and unacceptable.”

@woye1 said, “Wake up guys, Aisha Yesufu is sleeping now. Forget your receipts and forge ahead. Today you can abuse Buhari and yesterday supported Jonathan.  That is life. Take heart. Aisha Yesufu is not a FIFA badge Political Referee.”

@Lukxybea1 wrote, “Aisha yesufu in 2015: APC is the best party that can make Nigeria restored it lost glory. They are the change Nigeria want. Aisha yesufu in 2020: APC& PDP are the same. What’s next? 2023 loading… Aisha looking for who to present again. This woman is totally out of her sense…”

@CDubem_ tweeted, “Aisha Yesufu is an activist I respect so much, but I will never agree with her that APC and PDP are the same. Nigerians were better off under PDP’s leadership than they are now under APC’s dictatorship.”

@TheBriDen said, “Aisha Yesufu is the only activist that has never been arrested before. Even me wey no get level, I don chop arrest for protest but Aisha has never been arrested.”

Responding to her critics, Yesufu tweeted, “PDP sycophants have forgotten who Aisha Yesufu is. I am not moved by mob. I will say my own again and again. APC sycophants had to deal with it before 2015 election. You can ask them for manual.”