Aisha Lawal shows off post-baby body

Aisha Lawal

Nollywood actress Aisha Lawal has shared her first post-baby picture a few weeks after she was delivered of a girl in the United States of America.

The lawyer-turned actress declared in an Instagram post on Monday night that she is gradually getting back to shape with little effort.

Covered in a sweater, she wrote: “First picture after birth and no waist trainer was needed.”

Aisha studied law at Lead City University, Ibadan but learned acting at J15 School of Performing Arts owned by Femi Adebayo.

She described Femi as “a natural born leader”in an interview with in 2016.

“He assumes the role of leadership naturally which makes all his students love and respect him a lot. He stands by his students physically, financially and morally. I will want to come into the industry via him a million times,” she said of her mentor.

The single mother has not publicly revealed the identity of her baby’s father.

She, however, said in the interview that “my ideal man should be handsome so my children can be cute.”

Popularly known as Aisha Irugbin, the singlemother has appeared in movies like Blogger’sWife, Amin Agbara and Opon Ife.