Aisha Lawal laments collapsed Ikoyi building

Aisha Lawal

Actress Aisha Lawal has expressed her concern following the recent collapse of a building in Ikoyi.

The building located at 20, Gerrard Road collapsed at about 3 pm on Monday.

At least 50 people are reportedly trapped under the rubble.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Aisha lamented that her heart is heavy.

According to her, the building should have collapsed in the middle of the night when it would have been empty. The actress said those trapped in the building were there because they needed to survive. She prayed against the further occurrence of the incident.

“I honestly couldn’t sleep well, ahhh why couldn’t this building collapse in the middle of the night when no one will be there ahhhhh kabi o si olohun oba my heart is really heavy while looking for what to eat, may we not encounter what will eat us,” she wrote.