AGN may cancel movie production over coronavirus – Emeka Rollas

Emeka Rollas AGN President

The Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has announced it may consider cancelling all movie productions over the coronavirus pandemic.

This was revealed by the president of the guild, Emeka Rollas, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) published on Friday.

He explained that though the AGN was not responsible for movie production, which is in the hands of the executive producer, it was making efforts to convince them to hold off on movie production for the time being.

“We are talking to producers to see how they can hold off in terms of a movie production for three weeks,” he said.

Mr Rollas also cited the ban placed on gatherings of more than 50 people by the Lagos State Government as another reason why the move is being considered.

The former president of the guild’s Abuja chapter, Agility Onwurah, also advised movie producers to cancel movie production as they cannot afford to put the health of their crew at risk at this time.

He also urged the Federal Government to partner with the industry in order to sensitise the public on the Covid-19 epidemic.

The AGN has recently been embroiled in controversy over the appointment of Senator Elisha Abbo as its national patron.

Some of its members such as Hilda Dokubo, Kate Henshaw and Joke Silva have expressed their disapproval of his appointment.

They cited Abbo’s assault on a woman in an adult toy shop in July 2019 as the reason for their disapproval.