Adultery: Apostle Suleman accuses pastor of doctoring audio clip

apostle johnson suleman

President of Omega Fire Ministries International Apostle Johnson Suleman has accused his former subordinate Mike Davids of doctoring an audio clip released as evidence in the allegation of unlawful interference in marriage.

Davids had accused Suleman of sleeping with his wife Pastor Faith Edeko who currently heads the branch of Omega Fire Ministries in Utako, Abuja.

Davids released an audio clip on Friday where Suleman is heard threatening to make the person at the receiving end “disappear”.

Reacting to the clip, Suleiman in a video posted on social media agreed that the voice in the recording was his, but it was from a conversation he had with a young lady three years ago.

He also apologised for reacting angrily, stating that he is no longer the man he was at the time.

“There is a viral audio that is going on now of me threatening somebody over the phone, telling the person to stay off my phone or the person will die prematurely. That voice was me. It happened three years ago. I reacted out of anger and I am sorry about it,” he said.

“After 2017, my mentality to life changed, I became very unreceptive. That was me on the phone threatening a young lady to go off my phone and stop talking to me. It was a mistake I made out of anger. It happened two years ago. I’ve apologised to my wife for allowing anger to get a hold of me.”

Suleman also stated that the recording was doctored by Davids, as he had not spoken to him for two years.

He continued: “But we are so disappointed at Mike Davids that he has released an audio where he doctored and put his own voice and present to the world like I was threatening him after he did a video about his wife. Why will I call you to threaten you when your video made no sense? Mike Davids, I want to advise you. You can still repent right now.

“I sent you out of Omega Fire Ministries not because of your human weakness because everybody has a problem. I’m not a perfect man, I’m human. I make mistakes and I’m not perfect. But I sent you out of Omega Fire Ministries because of how evil your heart is. You spend all your time plotting against people, planning against pastors, thinking of how to pull pastors down. And that is why I sent you out of the ministry.

“You dissolved your marriage with your wife and she was suffering and we decided to help her. You said no she must eat from the gutters, she must suffer. As a father who raised her up, should I let her suffer? My wife spoke to me on the need for us to take care of her and the children.

“You said you want your wife back, you live in Abuja with your wife but you’ve never called her.”

Both Suleman and Davids have filed separate suits in court.