Adeniyi Ogunfowoke: 6 gadgets your smartphone has made irrelevant


Smartphones are powerful computers that we carry in our pocket. You can perform different tasks on our smartphones like summoning a cab to go to work, ordering food, reading news and staying in touch with our friends.

The rise of the smartphones has killed certain gadgets. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, lists some of them.

  1. Wristwatch

Analogue watch has now become a fashion accessory. You will meet people who wear a watch, but still, they check the time on their smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones are used to do lots of things and checking the time is one of them.

  1. GPS navigation systems

If you struggle to find directions, you can easily use your phone to locate wherever you are going. This is because smartphones have GPS facilities. You no longer need GPS navigation systems.

  1. Radio

Those days are gone when people used to buy a box to listen to the radio. Since there is now a radio feature on their smartphone, the good old radio is now irrelevant.

  1. Digital cameras

Carrying a pocket-sized digital camera was previously considered a cool thing. However, smartphones have replaced the digital cameras because your smartphone camera offers even better shots these days.

  1. Alarm clock

The Alarm clock is completely dead because smartphones have definitely replaced them. You can simply set an alarm on your phone.

  1. MP3 player

MP3 players were once popular for playing music. Today, smartphones offer massive internal and external storage with enough space for storing unlimited music. Hence, you do not need the MP3 Player.