5 weird things Christmas does to Lagos

Christmas shopping

Lagos is the engine room of Nigeria and the city that never sleeps. The air of Christmas is sweeping around the city and the Christmas mood has been activated. If you are spending holiday in the city that prides itself as the heart of the country and hoping to become a mega city the next couple of years, we gather some of the weird and unexpected things that happen to Lagos during Christmas.

  1. You can literarily play football on the highway

The monstrous Lagos traffic will evaporate to the extent that you can play football on the road (Don’t try it).  If you are spending Christmas in the city for the first time, you will wonder whether you are in Lagos or somewhere else.

  1. Markets are unusually less busy

One of the interesting things about many Igbo of Nigeria is that they always travel to home in December. So, markets which are populated by them are less busy.

  1. Prices double

Whether you are buying online or offline, prices of groceries and other items have significantly increased. No thanks to the recession. But it is noteworthy to say that only the hospitality industry is arguably shielded from the recession. For example, you can get the best hotel prices on Jumia Travel.

  1. More security men on the road

Credit to the persons in charge of security in Lagos, they have really tried. This is because when you compare security in Lagos with others, you will appreciate the police. Interestingly, it is days leading to Christmas that you notice more security men on the road and checkpoints. In fact, you will notice that the policemen are nice.

  1. Government sells rice for cheap

Rice is a luxury in Nigeria today due to the ban on its importation. This has made Lagos and Kebbi states proactive to grow their own rice. This is a Christmas where government intervenes to sell Lake Rice to Lagosians at 12,000. The normal market price of rice is as much as N28,000.

Contributed by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, PR Associate, Jumia Travel

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