5 reasons women stay with cheating husbands


Many women choose to stay with their husbands, try to rebuild their marriages and make them stronger even when the men are straying.

Some stay for religious reasons. Others stay for the sake of their children. Still others make this decision because of the length of years they have spent with their spouse.

Here are five reasons women stay with their cheating husband.

  1. He’s my baby daddy

Women don’t want to be the bad one who breaks up their family. He may have cheated on you but he had a baby with you. “She’s just a slut”. “He only wanted her for sex, but he loves and wants our baby and me”. Be cautious of “baby daddies” for they already have you and the baby without the marriage license to encourage them to commit.

  1. Societal discrimination

One other reason women tend to stay with cheating husbands is societal perception. In a bid to avoid being the subject of gossip and unpleasant reference among friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours and even siblings, some women have had to put up with cheating husbands. Such women would rather stay with the man than allow people see them as jumping from one man to another or for people to count how many men they have dated.

  1. Financial dependence

Customarily, men are expected to fend for their families, and if that had been the case in such a home, some women tend to depend on their husbands for money to take care of the family, especially if they are not working or not making reasonable income.

Such women are even more likely to stay if the husband is rich and has influence in the society. So to avoid losing out or being stranded, such women tend to stay, more so if he still pays the bills and fulfils his obligations in the home.

  1. No more fears of the unknown

Some women believe that almost every man cheats, and for such women, not having seen their husbands with another woman simply means he has not been caught, and not because he is not guilty. Thus, for some of these women, they feel better when they know and they could move on, for such women, they would rather stay with the known person than going to meet an unknown man outside.

  1. To avoid being blamed for failure of the marriage

It has also been observed that some women would rather endure a man’s infidelity or wait for the marriage to crash on its own rather than opt out of the marriage, simply because they don’t want all fingers pointing to them as the reason the marriage failed.