5 reasons being single can get depressing


Unlike the impression created by the Cameo song about “living the single, single, single life”, being single does not always feel so good.

In Nigeria especially, having a better half is often seen as some kind of fulfilment. Without one, society tag you a failure no matter how successful you may be in other endeavours.

We present to you five reasons living single can be depressing.

  1. You come home to an empty house

There’s nobody to greet you when you come home. Evenings are especially tough because there are no distractions. That is when you start thinking about the loneliness you’ve tried to ignore all day. The most obvious stigma attached to the single life is that one ominous word “alone”.

  1. No shoulder to cry on after a bad day

Missing a partner to cry with, spend your time with someone that can console you when you’re having a bad day and cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood can get you really depressed. Sometimes, just knowing there is someone that cares about how you spent your day and is genuinely interested in hearing about it can be fulfilling for most individuals. Not having this is a sad aspect of the single life.

  1. You’re sole financial provider and decision maker

This can become tiresome especially in a depressed economy like Nigeria. Having someone that can help with your bills and cater to you needs is a burden that will be lifted off your shoulders if you were in a relationship. But, the single life leaves no room for such. You are the sole financier of your responsibilities. If you are not good with finance, a frugal partner could help you manage and invest your funds wisely. When you think about the amount of money you could’ve saved if you were in a relationship, depression is bound to kick in.

  1. You feel awkward at social events filled with happy couples

You stick out like a sore thumb because you don’t have a significant other. You feel like you can’t relate, or you don’t fit in with others. Weddings could be worse because all your friends and family members will start asking the questions you don’t have the answer to. “When are you getting married?  “You are not getting any younger”. “Your friend has two children already.” Those are some of the queries you hear regularly. This can be so depressing you might feel like never attending any social event again.

  1. People look at you with pity

Someone asks after your partner and you tell them you’re single. Next thing you know, they give you those puppy dog eyes and say, “Aww, you’re single. I’m sorry.”  This can not only be embarrassing, it is also really sad. You might even start looking for more creative ways to answer their questions.  Instead of telling them you’re single, you tell a white lie like you’re taking a break from your partner, and so on. So depressing!