3 Nigerian footballers not to follow on social media

Ahmed Musa

Social media has become a hit among Nigerian footballers.

A good number of the country’s top players are either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, keeping their fans abreast on happenings around them.

While many are very much active on these networks, some others are either inactive or most of the time boring.

That said, here are three of the country’s biggest names you shouldn’t dare to follow on any social platform.

  1. Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi may be Super Eagles’ skipper and most experienced player, but the 30-year-old isn’t that same commanding figure on social media. Mikel boasts over 110K and 500K followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively. Yet, the midfielder rarely makes updates on both networks. He has just 30 posts on the latter and hasn’t been seen anywhere near Twitter since he moved to China. Below is Mikel’s tweet.

  1. Ikechukwu Uche

Ikechukwu Uche

Unlike Mikel, Ikechukwu Uche constantly storms the social networks. But the skilful forward has formed a habit of making updates in Spanish. This is obviously because a huge chunk of his fan base is from the European nation, having spent almost his entire club career in the country. This often than not now leaves his followers from Nigeria isolated and confused.

  1. Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa

Perhaps Mikel’s somewhat persistent blackout on social media is as a result of its embargo in China. But how can one justify that of his teammate, Ahmed Musa, who is based in England? Musa has garnered just 56 tweets and 27 more on Instagram. More shocking is the fact that the Leicester City winger joined Twitter over four years. A bulk of his posts has come over the last couple of months due to the holiday.