12 Nigerians arrested for allegedly holding woman hostage in Ghana

man assaults woman rape

Twelve Nigerians have been arrested at Weija in the Greater Accra Region for allegedly holding a 20-year-old woman hostage.

Ghana Web reports that the Nigerians were arrested after the victim’s father reported the case of his missing daughter to the police.

According to reports, the suspects live in the same apartment close to Weija STC.

Their names are Ose Winner, Oladide Promise, Algbe Joseph, Edogiawerie Aisosa, Osazee Benjamin, Elis Imasuen, Emmanuel Daniel, John Miracle, Emulankpa Godwin, Osaro Kelvin, Oso Kenny, and Oghneyerhowa Nelson.

It is also suggested that the suspects are involved in internet fraud.

They will be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

The unnamed victim, whose nationality was also not revealed, was quoted saying she was sexually molested by one of them who through social media lured her to the location under the guise of dating her.