10 outstanding pictures by TY Bello @38

Nigerian singer, songwriter and photographer, TY Bello, turned 38 on Thursday, January 14, 2015.

The University of Lagos graduate of Economics shot into limelight as a member of the gospel quartet, KUSH in the early 2000s before launching a solo career which produced the 2008 individual album Greenland.

She has two other albums namely The Future and The Morning Songbook.

Apart from being a singer, the former Miss Sokefun is also a professional photographer.

She was the photographer to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

TY has also photographed celebrities like former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Genevieve Nnaji, Stephanie Okereke-Linus, Asa, Alibaba, Darey Art Alade and Dolapo Oni.

The mother of a set of twins got married to Kashetu Bello in 2009

To celebrate her birthday, below are 10 outstanding pictures taken by her.

PRESIDENT OLUSEGUN OBASANJO: LOOKING IN When I was commissioned to make his portraits I didn’t know what to expect..I however had a feeling I was in for an experience I would never forget… I was right. It wasn’t just the charisma and honor or surprisingly big humor that he is so naturally graced with that had me.. It was that ‘something’ that enlivened his eyes when he spoke about Nigeria. It’s a special thing when anyone without even trying inspires me about my country.. I will always respect that. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have many presidents sit for me… I’ve learnt when in their presence, the importance of staying truly humble and spiritually open…This is when my eyes are unveiled to capture That unseen ‘something ‘ that set them apart for greatness. #tybellophotography #portrait #power #timeless #photostories #formerNigerian #president #kings

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HOUSE OF TARA :ORANGE WONDER Photographing @_ujumarshall is pure joy .This model moves and emotes like beautifully written poetry ..I now understand why she’s called ‘the beloved ‘in photography circles …Pair her dark-skinned goodness with a make up brand @houseoftara_intl that has a foundation beautifully amazing for warming up the ‘chocolatiest ‘ of chocolate skins and staying flawless under hot and humid Nigerian sun ….Behold the Wonder : Uju Marshall for House of Tara on the cover of Thisday style #Makeup by anifowoshe @bizlee for house of Tara . #Hair (the giant crazy frofro) was sculpred by me @tybello ( falling in love with hairstyling again ) Photographed with @phaseonephoto #captureone #phaseonexf @digitaltransitions #tybellohair #tybellophotography #Houseoftara #flawlessmakeup #vibrant #colors #amazingfoundation #brownskin #beauty #hot #eyes #african #africanbeauty

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GLORIA AND OLGA : REUNITED I got a call from My friend and mentor Jide Adeniyi Jones , that his mum ,Olga Miller just passed on. I started to cry and as both of us spoke about her and the very unique way she loved everyone and soon enough we both started to laugh. He was like … See .. It’s been so hard for anyone to mourn under the dark cloud of her passing .., Aunty Olga was lots of sunshine and flowers and cakes and changing hair color and spontaneous visits and gifts and lots and lots and lots of everything . She lived big and loved bigger.From the coversations I hear whisperd all over her leaving room .. It’s clear to me ..this is how to leave a mark .She’s left hers on the heart of every one and given memories for countless to smile on.Its been ninety three amazing years . Ten months ago , her sister , roommate and all round best friend died. Everyone worried for Aunty Olga. How long would she last. But looking back it was more a matter of how ‘well’ . She spent the last ten months without her sister living the only way she knew how … Big. Traveling across the world to spend time with friends and loved ones . She was getting ready for another trip to Kenya for Chrismas with Uncle Jide when eternity came calling . Today , thinking about her ,I’ve asked my self so many questions .. Is my use of time worth my life? and is my love big enough. ?After all .. Everything is all vanity .. Without Love. #tybellophotography #olga miller #love #sisterhood #eternity #friendships #lovewins

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GENEVIEVE NNAJI:BEAUTY AND POWER I started off my photography journey as a documentary photographer .. The images . Though they leaned towards portraiture were always very ‘strong’ and ‘gritty’. Stronger images always seemed to have more depth.. And the images were successful too., I got to have them hung in prestigious galleries and biennales around the world..from the Palais des Beaux-arts to the National centre for photography in New York. My work was finding its place in the art world . There was always something missing though..and I knew it .I was secretly in love with beauty of a different kind.. It was missing in the work I put out on a pedestal. It became clearer when I had a long conversation with Cameroonian photographer Angele Essamba. In the past, I would shy away from showing any one I respected in contemporary photography my portaits of beauty ., they were not ‘strong’ … I was right .. They were not . It wasn’t the beauty in the images that weakened them .. I just needed to grow. To understand beauty and to find my own approach. I’ve been on this journey for ten years. Always questioning the work .. And holding back .. Then pushing again. But every once in a while I photograph someone who helps me have those real conversations with beauty .. Conversations that go somewhere. Genevieve Nnaji is one of those subjects ., maybe she has her own versions of those conversations within her self. Or maybe it’s because she’s a strong beautiful woman with a clear sense of who she is. When I photograph her, I see someone not caught up in but truly understands the power of beauty . That its sometimes enough . It can have a voice in the image that doesn’t have to be vain and empty. God makes Beautiful ..And it will always have our attention. How much sky do we really need? …for instance .And must the sun set so uniquely today.. There’s power in making a beautiful portrait .. It’s power that I’m still leaning to understand .Letting every attribute and feature tell its own story …as written by the Maker. #tybellophotography @genevievennaji #beauty #power #portrait #styled by @veronicaodeka . Makeup by @bimpeonakoya #hair by @dfalanaartistry

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STEPHANIE LINUS: THE POWER When Genevieve magazine asked me to photograph Stephanie for their cover ,I instantly saw this image of her in my head.The idea came together almost effortlessly… The cornrows.. The fabric..the look in her eyes.I knew I wanted her to look beautiful .. But more importantly.. I wanted her POWER to come through. Recently pregnant myself… I wanted the image to somehow covey that being with child..considering how vulnerable it can make a woman feel ..is a beautifully empowering experience . The entire journey of being a portal for the beginning of another person’s divine journey changes you to your core. You begin to develop strengths you never even knew you had. Here in this image is a strong and inspiring Nigerian woman. Her story will bless you. #tybellophotography #photostories #pregnancy #bump #genevievemagazine #nollywood #queen #power #life #womanhood #afican #queen #makeup by @bimpeonakoya @dimejialara

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ASA: THE VOICE I get really excited when ever I’m asked to shoot an artist.. I know I don’t know what I’m going to do … Not in the least … This makes me really … really nervous…and I love it. I let the nerves take over till I can’t take it any more.. Then I pace around the studio to counter it… I do what ever I need to .. Till my mind gets from nerves… To peace and finally , but more importantly to PLAYFUL…then I LISTEN.I give myself permission to run with the thoughts that come to me .. No matter how silly or mundane they sound. I’ve learnt to trust the Voice. With Asa .. The Words were ..FLY .., SOAR.., BLOOM. I knew the Voice was right when she started to dance to ‘No worries ‘ by @nosaalways . Or when she stood ghostly still … As if in anticipation of ‘something ‘when she wore more structured clothes. Asa is a true artist. I know this.. I knew this the very first time I saw her eleven years ago..She’s the real deal. It was a beautiful surprise for me looking back at her images as I edited ,when I realized that the flowers that I put behind her at the shoot to represent her blooming actually looked like wings. .. Like budding wings .. And sooo…. The Voice is right again..Asa is in bloom.., ready to take off. ….Yet again #tybellophotography #riasolanke #photostories #music #iconic vanity @janetnwose #makeupartist @bimpeonakoya #styledby @dimejialara #photographed for @ellemagazinesa @asa_music

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