10 fears every woman harbours secretly


By Bisola Bello

black woman

When it comes to intrapersonal conflicts, many women will easily recognise the stuff below as the fears they battle with deep inside.

  1. I am not beautiful enough

Every woman thinks she is not beautiful enough. Even if you crown her as the most beautiful girl in the world, she still has that feeling that she does not have every criterion that qualifies her as a beautiful girl.

  1. I do not have sex enough/I have too much sex

Women are easily conflicted about their sex lives. At a point, due to peer influence, they think, “My friend is having sex five times a week; I only have sex twice a week”. At other times, women think they are having sex more than normal. Generally, women are complicated when it comes to sex. Thus, they try to keep their thoughts to themselves.

  1. I am fat

She can be as thin as Agbani Darego and still feel she is fat. Women are constantly conscious of their body weight. She might not choose to say this out loud but deep down, she thinks about it…a lot.

  1. My man is cheating on me

Even if a woman is married to a pastor, she still harbours the thought that her boyfriend or husband is cheating on her. Most times, women keep this thought a secret because they fear they might lose the man.

  1. I do not have what to wear

A woman’s filled closet is still referred to as nothing. Women always have that debate about not having what to wear. The fear of someone looking better than them at a gathering is buried deep in their minds.

  1. I do not have enough friends

Believe it or not, at a point in every woman’s life, she thinks her friends are just not enough even when they are. Her mind wanders to her friend’s friends and how they might grow apart from her, hence her desire to have more friends.

  1. My friend is prettier than I am

It is totally normal for a woman to be jealous; it is a law of woman nature. Women harbour that secret thought when they look at their Instagram picture and say “oh! She is prettier than I am; I am the weird one in the middle”.

  1. I am not as intelligent

We live in a society where women are told what they can and cannot do. With this in mind, some women struggle with the fact that they are not as smart as the society requires. Their mind brawl with not being as intelligent as people may think.

  1. I am not sexy enough

Most women ponder about how sexy they are. They fight the fears of pot bellies and stretch marks secretly without letting people know. They struggle with the idea of choosing to wear a bikini or not.

  1. I might not be able to get pregnant

After using birth control pills most women struggle with the obvious question, can I get pregnant? Even when nothing is wrong with them physically, some women have sleepless night brooding about the possibility.