Zahra Buhari’s mother-in-law celebrates 60th birthday with Nigeria

Zahra Buhari

Zahra Buhari, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday morning celebrated her mother-in-law who clocked 60.

In an Instagram post, Zahra described her as one of the most amazing women she’s ever met.

She wrote: “Happy Birthday to One of the most Amazing women I’ve ever come across. @ahmed.indimi says right after you were born Nigeria was declared independent from the British, hence you brought about that luck ( LOL, Jokes).

“May Allah continue blessing your life with all that you’ve ever imagined Ameen Ameen.”

Zahra’s husband Ahmed Indimi had earlier on Thursday shared a similar picture on Instagram where he described his mother as a deity.

“After you were born, Nigeria got its Independence on that very day. The British knew there couldn’t be two queens in Nigeria,” he wrote.

“Silver hairs give you a divine look. You are a deity to us. Enjoy your 60s, mom! We love you. Happy birthday!”

Mrs Indimi’s 60th birthday coincided with Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary. She is the wife of the Maiduguri-based billionaire Mohammed Indimi.

Meanwhile, Zahra married Ahmed at an elaborate wedding on December 16, 2016.