You’re fantastically stupid, Kiddwaya clashes with Do2dtun, others over statement that artistes take drugs

Kiddwaya of Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija star Kiddwaya has clashed with media personality Do2dtun and video jockey Ehiz and others following his comment that artistes take hard drugs.

Kiddwaya made the statement on Sunday via Instagram following the death of South African artiste Costa Tsobanoglou aka Costa Titch on Saturday night. The singer slumped on stage and was later confirmed dead. He was 27.

Seated on a sofa, Kiddwaya said in a video posted on Instagram that managers and PR persons must take their artiste’s blood tests, blood pressure tests, and check their mental and physical fitness to ensure they are fit to perform in order to avoid such occurrence.

He said, “A lot of these artistes are taking drugs. They take drugs to escape the world or to carry the expectations and pressures from everyone. They take drugs in high doses and that’s why there are cases of heart attack.”

He added that if an artiste is checked and is found to have taken drugs the show where the artiste is to perform should be cancelled or rescheduled.

But Do2dtun countered him, saying the BBNaija star did not even know Titch and was not in a place to judge if the singer was on drugs.

He said Kiddwaya lacked emotional intelligence and was ignorant.

Ehiz and several other Instagram users said Kiddwaya was chasing clout.

Kiddwaya replied by showing his critics his house, noting that clout-chasing could not have gotten him the “soft life” he is living.

He added that he did not say Titch was on drugs but that a lot of artistes take drugs, describing Do2dtun and his other critics as being “fantastically stupid.”

Do2dtun, who apparently was battle-ready, responded: “You’re fantastically stupid if you can’t read the room, you don’t understand timing.”