You’re desperate for cliques, Caroline Danjuma fires back at Iyabo Ojo

Caroline Danjuma

Actress Caroline Danjuma has fired back at her colleague Iyabo Ojo, calling the latter an old crocodile on Twitter and accusing her of being desperate to have cliques.

The altercation started on the final episode of The Real Housevuws of Lagos reality show after Iyabo made a statement about Caroline’s billionaire boyfriend giving her an expensive bracelet.

The duo took their messy drama to Twitter on Friday, July 8 following Iyabo Ojo’s podcast with another cast of the show Chioma Goodhair.

“Dear Iyabo Ojo the widow’s mite offering from apostles church is affecting your mentally, your mental battle is with God. Chioma ass wipes, kisses you want clout, now you have it, mummy. When you are desperate for a mean girls click, you will cook up anything to recruit them ( old crocodile) .. if I have anything mean to say to you trust me it will be straight from my mouth … as a one-man squad zero Fffs was given from here,” Caroline wrote.

“You tweeted first dear, you’re the one who needs clouts. You’re old girl so stop calling your mate old, embrace your age and don’t forget you are still collecting offerings so it’s you that needs your brain checked,” Iyabo Ojo fired back.

“Thank God I did that podcast with Chioma, just finish watching the reunion part2 & I can see a lot I said was edited & removed @ShowmaxNG I walked in on Chioma & Caro’s initial argument in d room in Dubai, no one needed to tell me anything & Caro’s fake gift was returned,” the 44-year-old added.