You’re a bloody gossip, Halima Abubakar lashes out at Shan George

Halima Abubakar

Actress Halima Abubakar has lashed out at her senior colleague Shan George, accusing the latter of being a gossip.

The drama started after an Instagram blogger Gistlover accused the movie stars of having an affair with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Reacting to the accusation in an Instagram post on Monday, Shan George denied the affair. She also described the cleric as one of the kindest and most straightforward persons she knows.

Reacting in the comment section of the post, Halima called Shan a gossip. Halima also warned the veteran actress against provoking her.

She wrote: “Lol Shan Shan, you forget Wetin you tell me right? Omg. No look for my trouble Shan George. I hail you.”

“Bloody gossip. I drove with you for 12 hours. what was ur topic? A word I didn’t utter. you fall my hand,” she added.

“Sweetheart we’ve been colleagues and sisters in d industry for over 20yrs now, we all talk plenty of things when we are all girly girly, jolly, or at work. But how does that translate to me looking for ur trouble pls? Did I by any chance mention ur name anywhere on my post? I sincerely don’t understand. Pls, what’s going on? How did this become you and me matter?” Shan replied.

“Respect Yourself,” Halima fired back.

Taking to her Instagram story, Halima continued: “Shan George how dare you, Shan! You are an elder, respect yourself. Don’t make me talk. You are a hypocrite. You told me shit about Sule. Are you okay? Both of you told me in fact, you dey craze.

“Don’t try me o. I am ready for you all. My secret is out, I will bear the backlash but don’t post lies. Call lawyers Oya. It’s like you all are mad.”