You shouldn’t be faithful in relationship until marriage – Tacha

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Big Brother Naija reality star Tacha Akide has said that there is nothing wrong with being unfaithful in a relationship until marriage.

Tacha said this to fellow reality star Phyna on the latest episode of Spill With Phyna.

The 28-year-old opined that it is okay to see other people while in a relationship until it leads to marriage.

“You have to be in that relationship and not be faithful until you probably get a ring. Until you are getting into the marriage where you have to swear an oath because which oath did you swear to your boyfriend to be faithful? You are single till you are married.”

Tacha recently advised women to stop dating one man.

She said a woman who dates at least three guys at the same time has a good chance of getting engaged to one of them.

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Tacha said: “Five things to stop doing in 2024, If you want that ring sis, date at least three guys. If Martins doesn’t pop the question, Eze would, and if Eze does not ask the question, Femi would,” she said on X.