Yewande Adekoya reveals reason for break up with husband

Nollywood aNollywood actress Yewande Adekoya

Actress Yewande Adeokya says she ended her eight-year-old marriage to her husband Abiodun Ishola Thomas because he emotionally abused her.

The 39-year-old confirmed the break-up in a now-deleted Instagram post on Monday while pleading with her fans to stop dragging her ex-husband.

According to Yewande, Abiodun has been emotionally abusing her for 14 years, neglecting her and getting involved with different women.

“For 14 years, I have been emotionally abused by him, he talks to me anyhow, I used to cry almost every day when we were together, begging him to show me love, begging him to treat me right, to act responsibly, I was our financial backbone all through the years, but I never for once complained, I just wanted to grow up and act responsibly, honor our marriage. He just wants to keep enjoying life and leave the serious part to me to handle.

“He has different girls, at the beginning of our relationship, I was convinced he was faithful and then imagine my shock when I started seeing things that can drive an emotional woman mad, I almost went mad o, thank God for God, therapy and my family, he broke me to pieces…it hurts cos I was 100% loyal to him, he took my virginity….he was my first,” Yewande said in a chat with Instagram blogger, Gist lover.