Meet Ayobami, Yemi Shodimu’s actress, singer and model daughter

Ayobami Shodimu

Ayobami, the daughter and first child of seasoned actor and broadcaster, Yemi Shodimu, has launched a professional career in entertainment.

Born in Lagos in 1986, Ayobami is an actress, TV and radio presenter, psalmist, dancer, vocalist, model and entrepreneur.

Currently based in the United Kingdom where she relocated to as a child, she caught the performing bug from a very early age.

A precocious child, she would always perform in front of her family singing, acting and dancing.

In secondary school, she achieved the highest academic qualification in dramatic arts and was also awarded a prize in drama for being the most outstanding student in that academic year.

Ayobami later went on to achieve an LLB (Law) degree and an LLM in International Banking and Finance Law (Master of Laws Degree).

She attended training courses at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), and a vocational training programme at the Identity School of Acting London.

Ayobami holds LAMDA qualifications, including a Bronze Medal (Distinction) in Acting.

Her work portfolio ranges from classical acting with a leading role in Macbeth at the Greenwich Theatre to comedy as the character of Carol in Shakers by Willy Russell.

She has also starred in a musical as a dancer and lady in waiting in Jesus Christ Superstar and a domestic violence victim in a BBC Crimewatch reconstruction, and also appeared in a short film titled London Transfer centred around societal prejudices, post the September 11, 2001 US Twin Tower crash.

Ayobami has starred in a number of TV commercials including an MTN advert.

She can sing in an alto-soprano range.

In addition to her work in the media and entertainment, Ayobami strongly advocates youth empowerment and eradicating child poverty.

Her viewpoints on these are: “No child should ever go hungry” and “Empower the youth, for they are like ‘a seed’, nurture them and they will grow”.