Yemi Shodimu blames bad leaders for moral decadence in society

yemi shodimu

Veteran actor and broadcaster, Yemi Shodimu, has blamed bad religious and political leaders for the moral decadence in the society.

The 59-year-old said that leaders were sending bad signals to the youths by suggesting there is no reward for hard work.

Mr Shodimu speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) advised youths to be determined to be responsible because they were the future of the country.

“I want the youth to know that hard work attracts huge reward. They should know that hard work, diligence and truthfulness are needed to succeed in life,” he said. 

Shodimu also advised parents to watch out for their children: “Several parents have gone on sabbatical leave from their parental roles; we must all put a stop to this and ensure that we raise responsible children to have a sane society.”

Yemi began his acting career in 1976, featuring featured in a movie titled Village Head Master.

He is popularly known for his lead role, Ajani in Oleku, a movie directed and produced by Tunde Kelani.