Davido vows to shun America over fears of Iran war


Pop star, Davido, says he will not be visiting America following fears of a Third World War over the killing of Iranian military general, Qassem Soleimani, by US forces.

The military chief was killed last Thursday. He was the head of Quds Force, a covert wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. His brutal exploits had been widely criticised by military analysts and governments across the world.

Tweeting on Saturday evening, Davido, 27, criticised US President Donald Trump for the action, saying he would not be in America until fears of war are over.

“Not going to America till the draft is over !! Crazy ass Trump trynna have me shouting Shekpe from Iran đŸ˜‚,” he said.

Mr Trump says the US took the action to stop the war. Reports from Pentagon, however, say the US President was warned against the action over new threats.

Iran has threatened to retaliate over the killing which was launched near the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

Thousands of Iranians have begun protesting the US action, describing it as a crime and shouting death to America.