Wumi Toriola reacts to allegations of sleeping with Toyin Abraham’s husband

Wumi Toriola Wunmi Toriola

Actress Wumi Toriola has denied allegations of having a sexual relationship with Kolawole Ajeyemi, husband of her colleague Toyin Abraham.

The actress, in an Instagram post on Wednesday, called out the blogger who published the report, noting that it is diabolical and intended to soil her name.

Although she did not mention Toyin by name, the blogger’s post had already gone viral at the time of her reaction.

She also said that she did not have any intimate relationship with Toyin’s former husband, Adeniyi Johnson. Kolawole and Johnson are both actors.

Wumi said, “This morning, my attention was called to a diabolical comment on Gistlover blog that I “slept with a colleague’s husband.

“Not only is the comment false, it is diabolical, evil and intended to soil my name.

“Not only did I not sleep with the said person’s present husband, I did not have any intimate relationship with her former husband as well.”

Wumi, who confirmed in January that her four-year-old marriage had ended, claimed that Toyin’s fans were behind the false report.

“I do not know why this person’s fans are fixated on continuous tarnishing of my image and bent on causing continuous rancour, but I do know that this is the last time I will be responding to anything regarding this person,” she said.

Wumi added that she had moved on and would only focus on the future and making movies.

“By the way, my next production is Queen Lateefah for the big platforms. That is what I will be putting my energy on henceforth, not responding to people whose only goal is to see my downfall,” she said.