#WorldWarIII: Cardi B knocks Trump, indicates interest to get Nigerian citizenship

Rapper, Cardi B, says she will be filing for citizenship in Nigeria following fears of a Third World War over the killing of Iranian military general, Qassem Soleimani, by US forces.

United States President Donald Trump set alarm bells ringing after ordering an airstrike that killed the military general on Thursday.

Tweeting on Friday, Cardi B, who visited Nigeria in December 2019, described Mr Trump’s action as the ‘dumbest move’, adding that she would be filing for her Nigerian citizenship.

“Naaaaa these memes are f**kin 😅😅 😩but shit ain’t no joke! Specially being from New York. It’s sad this man is putting Americans’ lives in danger. Dumbest move Trump did till date …I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship,” she said.

The major-general’s killing has drawn worldwide reaction, amid fears about what would happen next. Mr Soleimani was the head of Quds Force, a covert wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. His brutal exploits had been widely acknowledged by military analysts and governments across the world.

Iran has threatened to retaliate over the killing which was launched Thursday evening near the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

Thousands of Iranians poured on the streets Friday afternoon to protest the US action, describing it as a crime and shouting death to America.