World Food Day: 5 food Nigerians will always eat

amala gbegiri ewedu

The World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on October 16 in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945.

To celebrate the day, we examine five food Nigerians will always eat.

  1. Jollof rice

Nigerians love Jollof rice and lay claim to making the best in West Africa. They really do not care whether this food belongs in the carbohydrate class or not. Diabetic patients who avoid eating food with glucose as the end product also eat this food. Virtually every Nigerian eats this food and no party is complete without it.

  1. Pounded yam

This is believed to be the king of all foods in Nigeria. Many people would settle for this food at parties and eat as much as they want. Nigerians who say they are on a diet indulge themselves when it comes to this food and break every rule they have made about eating little at a time.

  1. Amala and ewedu

Amala and ewedu is one of the favourite foods of people in the western part of Nigeria. Many believe the food digests easily and would make them pee as much as possible.

  1. Akpu and banga soup

Akpu is a special meal that is widely consumed in Nigeria due to the love most Nigerians have for it. Akpu is also known as fufu. Most south easterners (Igbo) prefer taking akpu with banga soup is also known as ofe akwu in the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is made from palm nuts (banga).

  1. Moin moin

Moin moin is another popular Nigeria food. It is a product of beans and several other ingredients. Moin moin is eaten and served in most Nigerian homes and restaurants. It could be eaten complimentarily with akamu (pap), Jollof rice, custard, and several other foods. It can also be eaten alone.