World Cup: Fans getting drunk, FIFA laments

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke has expressed concern about the level of drunkeness in Brazil’s World Cup stadiums.

brazil 2014 logoBrazil had banned alcohol in stadiums, but football’s governing body insisted on an exemption for the World Cup. Beer multinational Anheuser-Busch InBev, is a major FIFA sponsor.

“I was struck and worried by the level of drunkeness of many supporters who do not behave well because of this” in stadiums, Valcke told the SportTV channel late Tuesday in comments broadcast in Portuguese.

“When people drink too much alcohol that can increase the level of violence,” the FIFA number two added.

Despite FIFA’s pressure to allow beer in the 12 World Cup stadiums, Valcke said controls could be imposed.

“FIFA will never decide anything that puts the organisation of matches at risk. We will always take safety into account and if we believe it should be controlled, it (beer sales) will be controlled,” Valcke said.

He acknowledged that it could be a difficult move.

The Brazilian government had to pass a controversial special law authorising beer sales for the World Cup. The law banning alcohol was passed to prevent violence.

“FIFA made the request because we did the same thing for the other World Cups and we did not have a problem,” said Valcke. “But it is something we will have to examine,” he added.