Women’s Day: Gossip, envy will only divide us – Caroline Danjuma

Caroline Danjuma

Actress Caroline Danjuma has urged women to desist from engaging in gossip, manipulative acts, vindictive attitudes and being envious of their fellow women as the world mark International Women’s Day.

The movie star penned down the message in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

Caroline also encouraged women to be their sister’s keepers and support one another.

She wrote: “I hope today you change your ways, we have a lot of ceilings to shatter together as women .. envy, manipulation, gossips, vindictive attitudes will only divide us as women .. every woman is going through a struggle, be kind and true to her. If you can’t love her don’t hurt her with your unkind words out of envy.

“Today as we celebrate international women’s day, I hope women cherish, support every moment they share with their fellow women. The world needs us United than divided.

“Be your sisters keeper. Love her as you love yourself. I pray our ways will teach young girls how to be supportive women, women who add value to their homes and society at large. No woman is your competitor unless YOU make her one. Celebrate each other while you can. Happy international women’s day.