Women shouldn’t stay with cheating partners — Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim on Saturday said it is unhealthy to advise women to stick with their cheating partners.

The 37-year-old said this during an interview with PUNCH Saturday Beats.

She said, “I firmly believe that advising someone, especially a woman, to stay in a relationship despite their partner’s infidelity solely for financial benefits is not a healthy or empowering approach. 

“Each person deserves to be in a relationship based on mutual love, trust and respect. Infidelity should not be tolerated or justified based on financial considerations.”

The actress explained that, “Instead, I encourage individuals to prioritise their emotional wellbeing, and make choices that align with their values and self-respect. Every individual deserves to be in a relationship that honours their worth and happiness.”


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Juliet revealed she ended her relationship with her former boyfriend Olusegun Olowokere, popularly known as Iceberg Slim, due to alleged cheating.

In April 2020, the 34-year-old warned Iceberg Slim in an open letter shared on Instagram to “move on and let her be”.