Woman wants compensation for recording video of Delta schoolgirl, Success Adegor

Success Adegor and Stephanie-Idolor

Stephanie Idolor, the lady who made the viral video of a Delta girl, Success Adegor, who was furious for being sent out of school for non-payment of examination fee of N15,000, has demanded compensation for her efforts.

Since the video was made, the little girl has received nationwide attention, with celebrities coming to her aid. One of such celebrities who came to her aid was Mr Jollof.

Success has reportedly received about N5 million in intervention funds from various donors.

However, there are reports that Success’ mother had given Ms Idolor over N500,000 but that Idolor wants a joint account with Success.

In an interview with a Punch correspondent at the spot where the video was taken, Idolor said she simply wanted the family to show appreciation for the video she made public.

Asked how many percent share she wanted, she said: “Well I was not really talking about sharing percentage with them. I was not really saying I would get 30-70, 40-60, or 50-50, I just want them to show a little appreciation.

“Like if you’ve actually made N5 million, at least N1 million should not be enough for someone that made this whole thing happen, for someone that made this whole story viral.”