Wole Ojo speaks on being able to marry women older than him

Nollywood actor Wole Ojo has said that he can marry women who are older than him.

The 36-year-old said this in an interview with Sun published on Saturday.

He said older women seem to have their heads more grounded.

“Oh, totally. They (older women) seem to have their heads more grounded. They are more mature and more disciplined, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have some young people who have their heads on the shoulder perfectly. When you look at the majority, most times, people that are older just seem to have their heads more grounded,” he said.

Wole also revealed that he is single and does not believe in searching for a partner.

“I do not believe in taking torchlight and searching for a partner, because that is how many people have gotten into trouble and into relationships that are failing. I believe in living your best life, doing what you have to do, and when the person comes, it’s going to happen naturally.

“But when you set out a target and say, ‘within two weeks or one month, I’m going to have a partner that I will spend the rest of my life with’, I think that adds a lot of unnecessary pressure.

“Then you start to consider every person you encounter, and in doing that, you’ll be considering some people that you are not even supposed to be having conversations with, and you put yourself into a messy situation,” he said.

Wole is popular for his role as Kashimawo in Tunde Kelani’s movie Maami.