Williams Uchemba recovers after being hospitalised

Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba

Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba, has recovered being hospitalised for stress-related issues.

The Sorrows of Becky star made this known when on Thursday when he shared a picture of himself with a drip on his hand but assured his fans that he did not have coronavirus.

“I guess the body breaks down when/if we forget to stop and take care of our health. The past few weeks have reminded me of how we take good health for granted… They ran all the tests and No it wasn’t COVID 19 thankfully. I was under immense stress. Thanks to each and every one of you that noticed my absence on social media and left tons of messages. I feel a lot better now…,” he wrote.

On May 23, the comedian revealed that he had bought a house for a young girl and her family who had been living in a slum for 13 years.

“Few weeks ago I was at a slum to feed the people there and I came across a little girl that was reading on a pavement and it broke my heart to see the kind of condition there and then I saw the urgency to move the family out from there.

“With the Help of God we didn’t only give them a new house but a whole lot more that I will leave you to find out in the video. I want to thank Dr. Nancy, JR BIOTEK Foundation, Golden Heart Foundation, @williams_uchembafoundation team, and everyone that in one way or the other supported this project. God bless you immensely,” he captioned an Instagram video which showed the happy family rejoicing after receiving the keys to their new house.