Williams Uchemba reacts to allegation of being gay

Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba

Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba has reacted to an allegation made against him of being gay.

The funnyman in a Facebook post said he was not bothered because the person mentioned Uche Williams and not his name Williams Uche Mbah.

On Tuesday a man on Facebook known as Kosi Ugo made an allegation that Williams is gay.

“What I can never bring myself to understand is why a man who is strictly into men will go and pick one innocent woman and marry, for what bikonu?” he wrote.

“It’s better your wife deals with a side chick than to deal with a side cock; where she wan start from?”

Williams responding to the allegation said, “Someone brought something to my attention recently. I read it with amusement and decided to speak immediately. Usually, I would ignore this but for some reason, I think it’s important to address it.

“My name is Williams Uche Mbah not Uche Williams. For those of you calling my attention or linking me with the accusation in question, let me clearly state that I don’t know anyone by the name of Uche Williams.”

He also said he would take legal actions if anyone had an allegation against him without evidence.

“Anyone with an accusation against Williams Uche Mbah must ensure they have evidence to back it. Because if the accusation is false, I will respond with the full weight of every legal option at my disposal. Usually, I ignore fools and slanderers but in this case I am glad to make an exception,” he said.

Williams married Brunella Oscar on November 21.