Why we kept 77 people underground – Ondo church pastors

Victims rescued from ondo church

Pastors of The Whole Believers Bible Church in Ondo State have explained why they kept 77 people underground in the church.

The police had on Friday night rescued 23 children and 54 adults kept in the basement of the church located in the Valentino area of Ondo Town.

Head pastor of the church, David Anifowose and others alleged to have adducted those found in the church were paraded by the police on Saturday.

Speaking in a confessional statement, Anifowose said those rescued were in the church to await the second coming of Jesus Christ.

According to him, “I was the one that received the instruction from God that the people of the church should camp in the church and wait for his second coming. And my members were waiting for the second coming of Jesus when the policemen invaded the church and arrested us.”

He, however, denied saying Jesus would come in September, adding that nobody knows exactly when that would happen.

On his part, assistant pastor of the church Peter Josiah said he did not tell children to run away from home as alleged, but only taught them according to the scriptures.

“I was called by God to rewrite the King James Version of the Bible because there is a lot that was wrong with the version of the Bible.

“I only teach them what the Bible says about the second coming of Jesus Christ. The prophesy that is fulfilling this time is showing that the rapture is close. I never even mention years to the church.

I never teach them to run from their parents, I only teach them the gospel. I only tell them to obey their parents in the lord,” he said.