Why my wife and I have only two children — Fashola

Babatunde Fashola

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has said that he and his wife, Abimbola, stopped having more children after they had two because their income was not growing.

Fashola revealed this on Thursday at the second edition of the Babatunde Raji Fashola GABFEST in Lagos.

“Do you know why I have two? When I was alone, all my money was my own. When Abimbola decided to marry me, she would just bring a bill. So in my N10, my share was now N5. We are doing fifty-fifty. She was earning money and I never asked her what she was doing with her money.

“Then Ademola came and my share became one-third, then Olayinka came and I became 25 per cent, then I knew… and said, ‘Madam, let’s stop’.

“She said, ‘I thought, you were not going to bring it up, because I was thinking that way too’. So, we just agreed, no more, because the income wasn’t growing,” Fashola said.

In response to a debate on the need for control over Nigeria’s spiraling population, Fashola said, “If your income is not growing, you can’t just be having children.  And it is a conversation, we must have a nation, it is a serious conversation. If truly, we agree that there is poverty, if truly, we agree that there is unemployment, then a time must come when, as a people, when we must have a consensus and say, ‘Let’s slow this down a bit.’”

He further advised that Nigerians should bear children based on their financial strength so as to cater well for themselves.

“If you can manage 20, by all means, if your resources can manage it, go ahead; but if your resources can manage only two and you go and have ten, ha!

“We will leave that matter. But we have to confront these things; they have held us back for so long,” Fashola said.