Whatever made Osinachi Nwachukwu stay in abusive marriage wasn’t godly — Rev Fr Oluoma

A Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Abuja Rev. Fr. Oluoma John has said that whatever made gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu stay in an abusive marriage cannot be godly.

In a lengthy post to Instagram on Saturday night, the priest who is also a singer said her death was avoidable.

Osinachi is alleged to have died from injuries inflicted on her by her husband.

Narrating how he handled a similar case, John said, “In one of the parishes I worked, a woman always came to me with bloodied nose and swollen face, fatal decoration from the man she called her husband. It was always a dilemma counselling her because I could see her helplessness. The next thing she feared more than loosing her life to her beastly husband was actually losing her marriage to him. To worsen her case, she didn’t have anything doing economically.

“Long story short, I finally convinced her to run for her life, after receiving more bouts of life threatening beatings. I paid for her transportation to her Uncle’s house. After two weeks, she came telling me that the man called and begged her to come back, she was obviously looking for my approval for her chicken-hearted and lilly-livered disposition. In my magnanimity, I chased her back to her uncle’s house.

“After some months, the man went to beg. When I was consulted, I told the uncle to give the man two major conditions: 1. Empower the woman economocally. 2. Deposit an undertaken never to beat her with the police and the uncle.”

The founder of wowcatholic.com, a social media network for Catholics, added: “The news going round now is that she’s been enduring this violence for years. So, her death, for me, was avoidable. Whatever made her to stay in that marriage despite constant life threatening violence CAN NEVER be godly.”

John said he hoped Osinachi’s death would help other women in similar situations make informed decisions.