Vlogger, Grace Ajilore, gives birth to baby boy

Nigerian Vlogger, Grace Ajilore, has given birth to a baby boy.

The 28-year-old shared the news on Instagram on Friday.

She wrote, ’’Wow my baby boy was born through this pandemic was so hard but God is amazing. If some1 told me I’d have everything I’ve ever wished and prayed for a few years ago I’d say it’s a lie…’’

When the Youtuber announced her pregnancy in December 2019, she faced criticism from some quarters on social media who alleged that she had built a career out of encouraging women to stay away from men.

She defended herself, saying her intention was to make women realise that they need to be women who appreciate them.

’’Found the man of my dreams which is what I’ve always prayed for every woman who watches me. I’ve told women to always pick a husband who will love and cherish them not a man who will take advantage we are precious n we should be treated with respect…’’