Village Headmaster actor, Jab Adu, dies at 83

Veteran actor, Joseph ‘Jab’ Adu, who played Bassey Okon – the doctor, dispenser and pharmacist of Oja village – in the popular Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), drama series, The Village Headmaster, died on Sunday in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He was aged 83.

Early report said he died of old age after suffering from a brief illness

The deceased was born in Calabar, Cross River State and worked as a banker in the Central Bank of Nigeria before his acting career picked up.

Jab Adu had an illustrious career on stage, television and film.

He co-produced and directed the full length film, Bisi, Daughter of the River, a movie that was one of the pioneering efforts that followed Kongi’s Harvest and Things Fall Apart.

He also co-produced Adio’s Family with NTA and starred in movies like Cool Red (1976) and Wetin Dey (2007).

The deceased was a follower of the Grail Movement, a spiritual society inspired by the work of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt (also known by his pen name Abd-ru-shin)