Video: Mike Ezuruonye seizes pirated copy of Chief Daddy in traffic

Mike Ezuruonye

Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye, has shared a picture and video of himself seizing a pirated copy of Chief Daddy in traffic.

The 36-year-old posted the video of the confrontation via Instagram on Tuesday.

“Seized this Pirated copy of the Movie CHIEF DADDY while behind traffic lights…By the Time we Cleared off the Road , the Pirate Hawkers Ran away…It hurts to see Fellow Producers hard Labour being Pirated.

“To me is a Mockery of all efforts and investments put into the work of Creative Art. It’s just tooooooo SAD..ROBBERY..I will continually STAND AGAINST PIRACY…Rubbishhhh 🙄🙄🙄🙄#stoppiracy#piracyisadisease,” he wrote.

Mike Ezuruonye is not the only celebrity who has spoken out against piracy in the entertainment industry.

Fuji music veteran Adewale Ayuba blamed the activities of pirates at Alaba International Market, Lagos for the poor fortune of singers of his genre of music in December 2018.

According to Ayuba, the recent shift by young artistes away from traditional music was necessitated by financial considerations.