Veteran actor Yinka Ogundaisi is dead

Yinka Ogundaisi

Veteran actor and filmmaker Yinka Ogundaisi has died after a long battle with paralysis.

The demise of the actor was confirmed by a statement by Ropo Ewenla, a member of the Ibadan Film Circle (IFC), group the late filmmaker belonged to.

He wrote: “Today, this morning, one phase of history came to an end. Erin ti wo. The elephant rises no more. Yinka Ogundaisi bid this world farewell at dawn. It was Kate Adepegba who dropped the bomb on my lap. I called Uncle Yinka’s number to confirm and rudely, it was so.”

Yinka suffered paralysis on his legs, a condition for which he sought financial aid to undergo surgery.

It was gathered that he initially had complications of twisted intestines, hernia, and enlarged prostrate in 2013.

Aside acting, he was also a writer and director of films and TV and radio programmes.

He was the next actor to play the legendary Sango in the film Oba Koso after the late Duro Ladipo.

He was credited with resuscitating and repackaging the longest-running Yoruba TV programme Feyikogbon.

Ogundaisi was also a member of the cast of The Village Headmaster.

He wrote the crime fiction novel ‘The Charmed Lock’ based on African hypnotism.