Usain Bolt makes truimphant return to track

Usain Bolt

Sprint icon, Usain Bolt, made a sensational comeback to the track on Thursday by leading his All-Stars team to victory at the second meeting of the new Nitro Athletics.

Bolt, 30, who among numerous honours won nine Olympic golden medals, stated in August that the Rio Olympics will be his last.

However, the Jamaican stormed Melbourne, Australia and dominated the track once again but was furious with the officiating.

In the final 4×100 metres relay event at Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne, Australia was disqualified for a botched baton change and Bolt’s All-Stars won the race comfortably. However, the hosts were awarded points by mistake that left them at the top of the table at the expense of the Jamaican’s team.

The error was eventually corrected, awarding victory on the night to the Bolt’s All-Stars, but not before the live broadcast of the event had finished and most of the 6,500-strong crowd, including IAAF President Sebastian Coe, had filed out of the stadium.

Bolt, who ran the third leg of the relay, was furious.

“(It’s) because it’s Australia. It’s biased!’ Bolt yelled at trackside officials before the result was corrected. ‘I’m going to protest that – it makes no sense.

“I don’t know what happened. I thought if you were DQ’d you’d be out (of the race) for sure or even lose some points but you can’t not to lose any points,” he said.

Organisers said the error lay with an Australian referee.

Bolt was paid a seven-figure appearance fee to commit to all three meetings of the series in Melbourne this month and given a stake in the company running the event.