The universe is listening

Close-up with KC Ejelonu

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KC Ejelonu QEDLately, I have been of this believe that the Universe is listening to everything I say and some how granting my request. You might think it’s just a coincidence or me just over-reacting or actually working towards what I want and seeing result but I believe it is more than that. So I thought to read more about “The Universe”. Strange, right?

From my studies, the universe is actually talking to us every day of our lives. The messages are very clear, and for your eyes or ears only. Yet most people have been missing these messages for most of their lives. We simply don’t see or hear most of these messages. A few messages actually get through, but these are by complete chance, and most people dismiss them as sheer coincidence. However, there are no coincidences. These messages are directed right at us from universe, and each and every one of the messages is for our benefit.
Some days, the universe is literally shouting at us, but we are so wrapped up in our little world that we fail to notice. The universe doesn’t talk directly to us, but does it in subtle ways. It can be a whisper, a breeze, a song on the radio, a TV advert or something that attracts our attention. Our job is to pick up on these messages. They are clear and very precise.
You might have a problem, and the universe is telling you the answer by playing songs on the car radio that contain the answer in the lyrics or song title. Or as you are driving along the answer is written on huge advertising hoardings along the roadside. Yet, we don’t make the connection. We are too wrapped up in our daily life, busy chasing money, completing to-do lists, and all the other distractions of the 21st century. All we have to do is stop for a few minutes and simply listen. But when we are always running 10 minutes behind schedule, finding a few minutes seems an impossible task.
You will agree with me that we have moments in life when strange things happen to us. Something prompts an idea that is the answer to that problem, although we don’t know where it came from. We either think it is pure coincidence or perhaps a touch of déjà vu. All we have done is received a message from the universe, and for once acted on it. People just think it’s a one off, a quirk of fate, but if we had realised that this is one of many messages from the universe, we could tap into a great knowledge that is designed to give you the best in life.
All you have to do is to take time to listen and watch for the signs, it’s as simple as that, though it took me a while to grasp this, but I did at the end. And every morning I wake up and say my morning prayers, I utter these words “the universe is talking to me and I will listen, I will make my request known to the universe and it will listen”.
The signs are everywhere, and it’s always the right answer. If you see an advert on the TV several times in one evening about looking after the elderly, this is probably a message from the universe for you to contact your parents to see if they are okay. Don’t worry I am not crazy…(laughs)
If you keep hearing Craig David’s song “I’m walking away from the troubles in my life, I’m walking away oh to find a better day” everywhere you go, it could be the universe telling you it’s time to move on in a problematic area of your life. Do you keep getting lots of ‘red’ traffic lights? Well, perhaps the universe is telling you to slow down and drive more carefully.
The universe is like a radio station broadcasting 24/7 for your whole life. However, you need to learn how to tune in to the broadcasts. Now the message might be delivered to you all sorts of different ways. It might be an advert on the TV, a line in a film, an article in a magazine. The universe even sends you messages in your nightly dreams. Be open to be contacted.
While the universe is giving you messages all the time, you can ask it questions too. To get this to work, you have to be a real believer in the universe, but you can try it out. Ask a question, and wait and watch out for a reply. The answer may come as a line in a song on the radio, or TV advert for example.
If you have a few minutes to try a simple experiment – most people have a iPod these days with at least a couple of hundred songs stored on them. Put you iPod into shuffle mode, ask the universe a question, and then press play. The answer could be the title of the next song or the first couple of lines of the lyrics. You might be quite surprised with the results. Then again you might be freaked out or just totally disbelieving – it’s worth giving it a try. Ask sensible questions. Make them clear and precise.