UNILAG students condemned for hailing Oxlade over sex video

Oxlade Official

Students of the University of Lagos State (UNILAG) have been dragged into the sex tape controversy of singer Oxlade.

On Wednesday morning Nigerians woke up to a sex video alleged to be that of Oxlade and an unidentified woman.

In a video posted on Instagram, some students were captured marching from one hostel to another, hailing the singer as they chanted his name in excitement.

However, some Twitter users who believed that the horde were students of UNILAG slammed them for encouraging the singer, while others defended the institution.

“Shey same unilag wey dey jubilate over Oxlade video nah him una dey talk say them dey sell spaghetti after graduating,” @Mayor of south wrote.

“Y’all are quick to drag Unilag but you know that when it comes to standards, Your fav schools don’t even come close,” @UnclePamilerin wrote.

Reacting to Pemilerin’s tweet, @Emmanuel wrote: “As much as you’d say UNILAG has produced great minds, so has other universities. These uni lag students needs to come down from their high horses and face reality. The spaghetti part, I see nothing wrong with that. Hustle your hustle but don’t with the comparison.”

“90% of Unilag haters are people who got denied admission consistently. Deep down everyone loves Unilag………from the name to the social life to the location and structures and the pride that comes from identifying with it,”@Fayawar wrote.

@Adewale wrote: “When they have nothing tangible to offer, they rubbish others just like they are! I’m proud to be an Alumnus of the University of Lagos.”

@Olamide wrote: “That is the problem. UNILAG is like the best rotten tomatoes. It is hard to find a private uni sponsor like this.”