#UltimateLoveNG: Jeriton revert to being friends after eviction

Jeriton – Meriton and Jerry – the second couple to check out of the Love Pad on the Ultimate Love Reality TV show, have stated that for now, they are just friends.

The couple said this in their first post-eviction interview released on Tuesday.

Speaking about his reason for coming on the show, Jerry said he came to “find love, fame and a future.”

He also said he was pleased when he saw Meriton and was attracted to her carriage the very first time he set eyes on her.

Meriton, however, said she came on the show to find love and probably get married and was attracted to Jerry because he is a ‘cute’ guy.

They both affirmed that while they are keeping their options open, they remain friends for now.

“…We are friends now and we hope to achieve more. If anything comes up, fine…,” said Meriton.

Jerry said: “I see a great friendship, together or not. I do hope for the best for her because I like her as a person.”

Jeriton checked out of the Love Pad on Sunday and went home with the sum of N600,000.

Jerry was originally paired with another love guest, Sylvia, but they failed to establish a connection.

They were, therefore, permitted to part ways by Aunty.

The move left them free to pursue a relationship with other love guests.

Sylvia paired with David, while Jerry paired with Meriton.