#UltimateLoveNG: Iyke, Rosie pull kiss prank on Kachi

Rosie and Kachi on Ultimate Love

One of the love guests in the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Iyke, on Wednesday pranked another love guest, Kachi, pretending to kiss him.

Iyke, 24, tricked the 32-year-old Kachi with the help of another love guest, Rosie, 35.

While Kachi was in bed, Iyke and Rosie both leaned over him, Rosie then kissed his eyes while Iyke moved closer and pretended to kiss him too.

Kachi screamed in confusion and leapt off the bed when he realised what was happening.

Meanwhile, the love guests also came together to wish Rosie’s baby brother, Joshua, a happy birthday.

Rosie and Kachi, who are jointly known as Roksie, are up for eviction this week after getting a vote during the last eviction nomination exercise.

Iyke and his partner, Theresa, jointly known as Iykeresa, are also up for eviction after getting two votes.