UK police renew appeal for information on murder of Nigerian lawmaker’s son

Dolapo Badru son Abraham Badru

Detectives investigating the murder of the son of Nigerian lawmaker, Dolapo Badru, have appealed for information especially from his friends.

Abraham Badru, 26, was shot dead on March 25 near his home in Hackney, east London as he went to get a drink from the boot of his AMG Mercedes.

His father represents Lagos Island Constituency 1 in the House of Representatives.

Six months after the killing and despite a £20,000 reward on offer, no arrests have been made and investigators still know little about parts of Abraham’s life.

The personal trainer received a police bravery award in 2009 after stopping a gang rape and giving evidence against the attackers despite receiving death threats.

His family believe he may have been killed as revenge, but his love life and business interests are other lines of inquiry.

Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh told the Press Association: “Abraham was a hugely popular young man. There were 200 to 250 people at his funeral.

“People have not come forward and there are big gaps in his life around his girlfriends, around his business interests that he was involved in.

“The answer lies within his friends because they would have known if something was adrift or wrong or out of the ordinary.”

He set out a detailed timeline of Abraham’s movements in the run-up to his “well-planned” murder:

– The night before he died, September 24, Mr Badru went to a restaurant in Chelsea, Al’s, with a group of nine or 10 people for a friend’s birthday meal between 10 pm and midnight.

– The group then left and drove in convoy to a nightclub at the Arbor Hotel, after which Mr Badru spent the night with a woman.

– The following day the Liverpool fan visited his father and they ate in Nigerian restaurant 805 in Hendon.

– After leaving his father’s house, he visited another woman for 20 minutes on his way back to the home he shared with his mother Ronke.

– During the journey he called a girlfriend and the pair had a conversation for more than 40 minutes. They were still on the phone when Abraham was shot.

Mr McHugh said: “There seems to be an assumption that ‘my information isn’t important, someone else will make the call’. That is where we are missing gaps in his life, critical bits of the jigsaw.

“We don’t know what was going on totally in his life. One of those girlfriends, I would imagine they might be sufficiently close to him that they would have noticed a change in behaviour or a nervousness.”

As well as a lack of information from his friends, there has been no “chatter on the street” about the killing.