Ubi Franklin accuses Bovi of making joke about his kids

Music executive Ubi Franklin has accused comedian Bovi of making a joke about his children.

The music promoter made the accusation in an Instagram post on Monday.

Franklin claimed Bovi made a joke about his children at the 2021 Headies, he also warned the comedian never to repeat such again.

He wrote: “This is the way now, you yab me we get on it straight. Or you yab me and I yab you with receipts of the things the world don’t know right now on my page here and we will go anywhere you want from there. Comedy should not be used as a decoy to disrespect people on National TV.

“Bovi you did this at last year’s Headies and I sent your friends to warn you, do not try it again. I am struggling with stuff and trying to put myself together and you go on live TV to talk about my kids? Bovi until next time. Thank you.”

“I have so much respect for comedians, I worked as a PA to one (Julius Agwu) many years ago.
But comedians need to know their limits, they have their own dirty past and present, they also have things they struggle with. Try and tone it down, some jokes are very sensitive,” he tweeted.

This is coming after Hollywood actor Will Smith physically assaulted fellow actor Chris Rock at the Oscars for making a joke about his wife.